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Alaska is America's last great true frontier, an unspoiled wilderness of glimmering glaciers, abundant forests, towering mountains, exotic wildlife, and waterfront communities.  Alaska is a  destination full of Native American culture - a step back in time to the days of gold rush saloons and oil booms.  Alaska simply put, is a once in a  lifetime, dream vacation. 

It's All About Eyes

FACT: Eagles Eyesight
All eagles are renowned for their excellent eyesight, and the bald eagle is no exception. They have two foveae, or centers of focus, that allow the birds to see  both forward and to the side at the same time.

 Eagles, like all birds, have color vision. An eagle's eye is almost as large as a human's, but its sharpness is at least four times that of a person with perfect vision. The eagle can probably identify a rabbit moving almost a mile away. That means that an eagle flying at an altitude of 1000 feet over open country could spot prey over an area of almost 3 square miles from a fixed position

You Won't Believe Your Eyes


Unbelievable Fact: The blue whale can produce sounds up to 188 decibels. This is the loudest sound produced by a living animal and has been detected as far away as 530 miles.

Experience A Super-Sized Adventure

  • Everything in Alaska is Large  

  • It is the Largest State! 

  • The Whales are Large!

  • The Mountains are Large!

  • The Bears are Large!

  • The Waterfalls are Large!

  • The Glaciers are Large!

Above all, book early for the best discounts & best  cabins. If at all possible, reserve a cabin with a balcony.  It is well worth the extra expense. Mt. McKinley, Klondike gold, ancient glaciers, grizzlies in the wild...Alaska has a thousand ways to enchant you.  

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Domed Railcars-What a View


See The Northern Lights

* American Safari Yachts


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Did You Know?
Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year falls on June 21. And nowhere is that day longer than in the Land of the Midnight Sun, giving you up to 22 hours of daylight to see the sights!


Thrilling Shore Excursions


Helicopter to Top of Glaciers                    See Pods of Orca Whales
Whale watching is great! Here we see a pod of orca, which are passing by the cruise ship.

    Take a Thrilling Ride on the White Pass Railroad                                      Wow - Go Dog Sledding


Enjoy a Fresh Salmon Bake

See and Book All Excursions in Advance

             Get Married At The Top of the World

Alaska glacier weddings


South Central Alaska
- May June July August September
Avg. High/Low (F) 54/39 62/47 65/52 63/50 55/42
Hours of Light 17:45 19:30 18:15 15:30 12
Sunny Days 11 10 9 9 9
Rainy Days 7 8 11 13 14
Precipitation (in.) 0.7 1.1 1.7 2.4 2.7

South Central Alaska
Prince William Sound

- May June July August September
Avg. High/Low (F) 52/38 59/44 62/48 61/46 54/40
Hours of Light 17:45 19:30 18:00 15:15 12:30
Sunny Days 9 8 8 10 8
Rainy Days 17 15 17 17 20
Precipitation (in.) 3.8 3.1 3.8 6 8.4

South East Alaska
Juneau and Sitka

- May June July August September
Avg. High/Low (F) 55/39 61/45 64/48 63/47 56/43
Hours of Light 17 18:15 17:30 15:30 12:30
Sunny Days 8 8 8 9 6
Rainy Days 17 15 17 17 20
Precipitation (in.) 3.4 3.1 4.2 5.3 6.7
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